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Computer virus is also kind of program such as your Microsoft Office amd MS Paint. both these software are also programs which are program to do a specific work for your favor and these programs work positively to support you. but viruses are also a kind of program which are meant to perform a certain kind of work but that work is not going to support you that work is is to destroy your computer data and steal your personal information. these are not good for your computer, for to prevent computer viruses we use Anti-Virus. Anti-virus are also program, it is programmed you prevent you from those harmful programs there are various kinds of viruses are available in the market. Time to time this viruses also update by the programmers and hence we always need to update our antiviruses for to protect our pc from these viruses if we are not updating our antivirus on the regular basis then it's not good. generally personal computer users ignore their security they think if it's not harming them initially then no one cares about it but in long terms anti-virus is really very important part of a computer. Virus can harm your computer so deeply so deeply so that you cannot think of it. so prevention is better than cure and no matter if any kind of viruses attacks happened in your PC that can also be recoverable our desigaraj team can deal any type of virus attacks but the thing is you should not let your privacy in the hands of other viruses basically viruses are the programs which are owned by anonymous hackers used to steal your data from your personal computer . such as yours internet browser internet browser contains so much data such as your Facebook Id Password your Gmail ID password your chat history this data is really really personal and if anyone without your permission is reading and having these data then its not good for your privacy.

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