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If you want to operate a computer properly then you have to have operate an operating system in your laptop or computer there are various kind of operating system available in the market some are paid version and some operating systems are open source. it basically depend upon your choice and your kind of work which you are going to perform on your PC or laptop on the basis of that you have to choose which operating system you want to install in your PC, you have the option to install more than one operating system in your laptop or computer it basically depend upon you need and your demand. there are various kinds of operating system such as windows 7, windows 8 Windows 10 and there are various open source operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, Kali Linux etc are available in the market for your use each operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages . it's not always upon your choice that which operating system you have to install in your PC it's also depend upon your PC or laptop that which operating system does it support well for that we need to analyse its hardware configuration to find that which operating system is going to run flawlessly in that PC.

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